8+ Cool Themes and Skins that will Rock Windows 10

Are you bored with the current Windows 10 theme? Well, it’s been just 2 months since Windows 10 RTM has launched and you’re already tired of it. No problem, here we’ve got some awesome themes and skins to show you. These themes will revamp your Windows 10 experience with new Icons, Taskbar, Dialogue box and Docks. So let’s dig into these themes. You’re surely gonna love them. Though, these themes won’t change your start menu. Most themes are built for windows 7 and 8.1 but they also work on windows 10.

Note: Before you apply any of these make sure you create a restore point. If anything goes wrong. You yourself are responsible. Mostly, nothing will go wrong. You might get an error while installation. But, that won’t affect installation. Also, be sure to install with administrator access.

Windows 10 Themes and Skins

These themes are made available by Skinpacks.com. So, a big thumbs up to the developers. Go through the gallery. Though not all Skins are added. Click on the image title for the download link. OK, dive in.

While installing the theme pack you’ll get recommendation to download other software. You can skip and decline and move forward. Well, there were at least more than 5 recommendations that I had to skip. You may find this annoying but the developers get paid if you download the software. If you want to support them you can donate.

Next thing is you’ll have to uninstall the current skinpack theme in order install the other one. When you you’ll install the new theme it’ll automatically ask you to uninstall current one. Also, you can uninstall through add/remove program utility.

Well, if you don’t want whole theme you can also opt to choose between icon pack and theme. You can unselect theme and install only the icon pack.

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