Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review: All-In-One Solution For Videos

wondershare video converter ultimate headerVideo Converter – a tool to convert video’s format like the name suggests. But why is it important? There are tons of different media devices out there, be it apple devices, personal computers or gaming consoles. They can play different media, sure. But that’s the limit. Different media devices support different media formats. The number may vary depending on the device, but they do not support all types of media formats. That’s where video converter tools come in. The video converter can change the video format to make it compatible with every device. Instead of changing the device to play particular media, you can change media itself. On top of it, it doesn’t take much time. Which brings us to Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, a great video converter tool.

So there are many video converters out there but why choose Wondershare Video Converter? Before we discuss that, let us take a look at the basic features of the video converter tool.

Wondershare Video Converter: The features

1. Convert By Output Format Or Device:

wondershare video converter ultimate format

Wondershare Video Converter supports different video formats and devices. You can either select the desired format or device, to convert videos. If you are familiar with different video formats, you can directly choose them. The formats are divided into neat categories to provide ease of use. The videos can be converted from high definition 4k formats to 3D formats. That’s all nice and good but what if you don’t know the required output format?

For example, you wish to watch an unsupported video on your PS4 but you don’t the required format. You can either Google it and do some trial and error or you can just leave it to Wondershare Video Converter. You can click on “Device” category and simply choose PS4 and the software will take care of the other things for you. The devices are not just limited to gaming consoles. You can choose mobile devices and even VR devices.

2. Add Files From Computer And DVD:

Of course, since it’s a computer software you can add files directly from the computer. But you can also add media directly from DVD. By clicking on “Load DVD”  near top-left corner, you can add media directly from the DVD. The software will scan the DVD and will allow you to choose all media or only selected main media.

There is also an option to add media from ISO DVD images. ISO files serve as virtual DVD and the files inside are not easily accessible. But Wondershare Video converter can load media from the ISO files and makes things easier.

Download Here: Windows | Mac


How To Convert Videos?

Converting media with Wondershare Video Converter is an easy task. Below are the simple steps to convert the media format.

wondershare video converter ultimate convert

  1. Select the media by clicking “Add Files” near top-left corner. You can also drag & drop media file to center to start converting.
  2. Once you have selected your media, select your desired output format in “Output Format” Section. You can select the format type or select the targeted device.
  3. The output media settings can also be changed if you want. Click on settings cogwheel button in Output Format Section to change output video parameters. You can adjust resolution, frame rate, audio quality and so on.
  4. Now, this is something extra. You can also edit media before converting. Click on the “Edit” button in the center to edit media. You can find more details down below.
  5. Before you convert the media, you can change the output destination if you want.
  6. The media can be now converted by clicking big blue “Convert” Button near the bottom-right corner.

The converting process will depend on your computer specs. If you are still confused, here is a detailed guide on how to convert avi to mp4.

Why Choose Wondershare Video Converter Ulitmate?

Yes, there are many different video converter tools available on the web. So why you should pick Wondershare Video Converter over other tools? The reason is, this particular software is not just a simple media converter. It is also media editor, burner, downloader, and streamer at the same time. The bottom is far away, let’s shade some light into it.

1. Video Editor:

The software is packed with various media editing tools. You don’t have to go out of your way to edit & convert videos in separate tools. So what can you edit in the video?

wondershare video converter ultimate edit

Video Trimming: You can add trimmer marker in video and trim particular portion of the video. You can then choose to either keep trimmed part or remove it from the video altogether.

Change Angle: Video angle can be changed vertically and horizontally by 90 degrees.

Video Cropping: Video can be cropped, enough said.

Color Properties: You can also change Brightness, Contrast, and saturation of the video. There is also an option to increase the volume of the audio.

Filters: There are various cool filters to choose from. Although they are little old school, it’s more than enough for a video converter tool.

Watermarking: Now this is another nice feature. You can pick any image from your computer to watermark any video. Also, the image transparency can be adjusted. If you are not interested in using an image, you can also use text.

Subtitles: Add subtitles to video however you like. You can add subtitles from a .srt file. If you don’t have it, you can directly search on the web from subtitles tab. Then you can change its position and transparency.

2. DVD Burner:

wondershare video converter ultimate dvdburner

As mentioned earlier, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can also be used for burning DVD/writing DVD. You can select files and write them on DVD. You can also make a mountable ISO DVD image. Just like any other DVD burning tools, you can add templates for the DVD. You can pick from a variety of templates once you add files to burn DVD.

The templates are customizable as you can add change the background image and can also add a background music. Once you are done with customizing, you can change the DVD label and can burn the files to DVD. The burning time will depend on your computer’s DVD writer and specs.

3. Download Media from over 10,000 sources:

Video converter is needed when you actually have any media. But what if you don’t have any media? The answer is simple. You can simply download it. Wondershare Video Converter can download media from over 10,000 different media websites. To keep it simple, let us highlight the key features.

Add URL: Simply copy the URL address of the media and save it directly on your computer. You can save the video in its original format or even change the format according to your preference.

YouTube Mp3: If you like a particular background music of any YouTube video and can’t find the original source, then this option is for you. Just add the video URL and the software will directly download it as .mp3 audio file.

Record Video: Like its name suggests, you can easily record your computer screen. You can use it for capturing the gameplay of the game you play. It is also useful for recording media which can’t be downloaded. The possibilities are endless! So how it works?

wondershare video converter ultimate record

Click on “Record Video” and you can see recording window. The screen inside the red border box can be recorded. The red border can be adjusted according to your wish. The recording window can be dragged anywhere you want. The “FullScreen” option is used to record the whole screen. Once you adjust the border, you can start recording by clicking on “REC” button. You can stop recording by pressing “Esc” button on your keyboard. The recorded video can now be converted into other format or can be burned to DVD. You can also stream it directly to your TV, which brings us to the last feature.

4. Media Server:

wondershare video converter ultimate media server

The media server feature can stream media from your computer to TV with one click. The software support various devices to cast any videos to TV. The supported device includes Chromecast, XBOX 360, PS3, Roku and so on. The media can also be cast to devices other than TV. You can stream to any devices with DLNA/UPnP support.

So what do you think about Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate? Is it to your liking or not? If you have any questions, you can check out FAQ section at the official website.

Check here: https://videoconverter.wondershare.com

Note: This post is sponsored by Wondershare. The review is completely unbiased keeping in mind the reader’s interest.

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