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(Note: If you’re in real hurry to read out the article. Please follow the dark blocked lines. It’ll give you an Idea of what I wanna say. Or watch the video.)So, you’re out for vacation to a new place with your family. A totally unknown place. Your flight’s landed and you’re moving out of the airport, thinking to find some hotel to rest or restaurant to have some delicious food. You’ll probably ask some person to give you directions. But, why don’t use your smartphone to get direction. I’m not talking of Google maps. I’m talking of an app that has taken one step further. That shows you places in form of augmented reality. It’s called World Around Me.

Let’s Have a look

As I said it shows you places like specific hotels, gas stations, churches, malls, and much more, but as augmented reality.[Woh..woh…wait! What’s Augment reality? – Seriously?! You don’t know what it is! See the below screenshots. Those damn blue squares show information of that particular place at real time. So that’s augmented reality.]  

Now let’s have a walk-through. Open the app and you’ll see places categorized according to their work. Choose the specific place you want to find (make sure GPS is turned on). And it’ll get you into camera view. Now, all you have to do is move your phone around and you’ll see blue square boxes showing the place names with distance how far it is. It also shows a radar, with places as tiny white dots. So you can easily find where the place is. Now, tap on a location. Say for example it’s an hotel. So, it’ll show you it’s address and review. You can also call them, visit their site or find it on Google map. Here I’ve chosen for Money and it’s showing ATMs and Banks

There’s a lite version(free) and pro version(paid). In the lite version obviously you’ll see ads. Also it gives less photos of the places. Pro gives you full power over the app and the best experience. Download links given below.
Just one word for this app- “Awesome”. I showed this app to mom and she said, “God bless the developers.” It’s probably the best app for travelers. Also share your views about this app.

WAM on Playstore- Lite | ProCheck out: Best Android Apps of the Month Series

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