5 Free Best Wunderlist Alternatives For Android & iOS

wunderlist-alternativesIf you think about the reminder apps, the name Wunderlist will pop-up in the back of your head. If you don’t know what Wunderlist is, it is a leading figure of the reminder apps. The app is useful for writing lists and to share it among any of your contacts. It is a simple to-do list app which lets your idea materialize right on your mobile device. But, Microsoft has decided to stop the Wunderlist services in the future. So here are the 5 best Wunderlist Alternatives for both Android and iOS.

The 5 Best Wunderlist Alternatives:

1. Any.Do:

wunderlist alternatives any.do

Any.Do is one of the most popular to-do list app among the other Wunderlist alternatives. It has the perfect cross-platform support that you would want in a Wunderlist Alternative. It is available for Chrome Browser, Safari, iOS, and Android. The app has almost all of the features that are in Wunderlist, and you won’t be disappointed by using it. There are good options for segregating your To Do Lists, and Cross Platforms integration makes it just great.

For Example, you set a To DO list on your phone, and while you are working on your Laptop, you can have that list updated in your Browser via a Browser Extension.So any update you make in the list will be updated on all of the lists across your devices. This feature makes it quite effective to use, while you are working across various platforms. You will also get an option to break certain tasks into smaller sub-tasks to get you more organized. It is free, though some versions like the Any.Do calendar integration may ask for in-app purchases.

Download: Any.Do from Play Store

2. ToDoist:

wunderlist alternatives todoist

ToDoist is another great task management app you can use as an alternative to Wunderlist. The app is free and easy to use. The interface is pretty simple, and you should have no problem starting off with the app. You go ahead and make a new “Project” where you add tasks which are due. There is also a functionality to set reminders for the tasks for certain projects so that you are reminded of time to complete them. But that comes with the premium version of the app. Along with that, you will also be able to add files and upload attachments into projects, comments etc in individual projects. It is available across almost all of the major platforms including Android, iOS, MacOS, Web, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Download: To Doist from Play Store

3. Things:

wunderlist alternatives things

Things is another great reminder app to help you stay productive throughout the day. Though at the point it is only available for Apple Devices, including Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. It will let you set reminders, and get notification across different platforms to help you stay connected. All of the data you edit or enter in the lists gets updated on the Cloud, and then pushed to all of your connected devices. The interface is simple, and you will have things started pretty quickly while using the app. Along with the task you add, you will have an option to add notes, and titles and photos with it.

The Quick Entry feature allows you to instantly make a to-do list and make editions into it. You can set a Keyboard Shortcut, and have the task added to the lists while using any other app. This one feature can be a great time saver. As you don’t have to open the app and then make editions into it. The app is pretty great to use but is not free. Though you can grab a trial version, and use it for some days and see whether it works for you or not.

Download: Things Official Website

4. Trello:

wunderlist alternatives trello

Trello is not just a simple app among Wunderlist alternatives app. It is a great task management app. It is way more than that. The app has many features which will have you work as a team on certain projects and push tasks to other users in your group. Though no doubt, it was designed for teams working on certain projects. But there is no reason, that you can’t use it for your personal tasks management. It will easily help you to set up tasks, and projects and set reminders. You can add the end date of a certain task, and when it is not completed in the mentioned time frame, the task moves to the “Due Date” tab automatically.

It has all of the features which you will find in Wunderlist. but I personally think it is more productive than that since you have an option to work with a team, sharing tasks and insights on certain projects. The interface is really powerful and you may take some time to get to know where things are. But after some time of regular use, you will get a good hold of it. It can become your complete project management solution. In the premium package, you can get some really powerful features like the ability to upload files as big up to 250 MB and also the integration with many other apps. It is available for Android, iOS, and directly on the  Web.

Download: Trello Official Website

5. Gtasks:

wunderlist alternatives gtasks android

GTasks at the time doesn’t have the cross-platform support. It only comes for Android at the point of time. But not to underestimate it, as it is a really great list and task management app. The interface is quite clean, and you will get a hold of it within seconds. The best part about this app is that the integration with Google Calendar is just perfect. So the reminders are pretty easy to create and manage. It can sync with Google Tasks, and sharing with friends is simple as well with GTasks. There is also a functionality to create sublists so that bigger tasks can be managed easily and efficiently. One great feature of this app, that you have an option to create tasks quite fast with the help of the Search key. Also, the widgets on Android are pretty clean and easy to manage.

The notifications and searching and managing the tasks is really easy as well. The data on this app will get synced with your Google Accounts. So it can be taken to other devices as well, provided you have the same google account connected to that device. The tasks can be rearranged easily with drag and drop methods. Though this app may not have all the powerful features like the apps included in this list. But this app just makes it to the list due to the simplicity and ease of use. Also, the integration with Google Calendar and other services just makes it quite a good app to use to manage your personal tasks. You should definitely give GTasks a try as it is one of a great Wunderlist alternatives.

Download: GTasks from Play Store

So these are our picks on the Wunderlist alternatives. Since the spiritual successor of the Wunderlist is not out yet, the app is still useful for the time being. So what are your thought on Wunderlist dismissal? Leave the comments in the section down below.

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