Fix: YouTube App Not Working and Other Errors on iPhone And iPad

iphone-fix-youtube-app-not-workingThere are several issues that have been reported so far that iPhone users are facing troubles while playing YouTube videos when they are on mobile data. Watching YouTube videos on your iPhone is amazing since its screen quality is just exquisite. We can understand how it feels like when you are unable to play your favorite video on the YouTube app. YouTube app not working due to several reasons. So let us find all those possible reasons while we’ll also try to lay some solutions for the same.

Common YouTube App Errors on iPhone & iPad:

For finding the solution to some problem, our first approach must be around finding the probable cause of the problem. So then we will be able to handle the issue in a more progressive way. So let us see what all are the reasons for YouTube app not working on iPhone while on the Mobile data. Please do make a note, all these issues may or may not persists while you play YouTube videos on WiFI network. But feel free to apply these fixes if you are facing the same issues while on Wifi.

#1. YouTube app not working – Playback Error Tap to Retry:

YouTube App not working on iPad

  • Sometimes the video playback stops and we are shown with an error that says, “Playback Error Tap to Retry or Restart the video”.
  • The probable cause of this error can be numerous. We can try fixing this error by doing what is asked.
  • Make sure to tap again and let the YouTube app try to replay the video from scratch again.
  • Or you can alternatively, swipe down to minimize the video and then swipe to right or left to cancel the playback and remove it from the playlist. Now you can find the same or any other video and play it again.
  • In most of the cases, this fix works but if you are unable to succeed, you can find your solutions below.

#2. Internet Connection:

  • We often neglect to check the connectivity of the mobile data connection. In most cases, the mobile data isn’t configured properly. Sometimes, there is a very limited connectivity to stream videos via the YouTube app.
  • Make sure to check whether you are connected to the internet via the mobile data or not.
  • If you are on a 4G network make sure to try the lower bandwidth connection i.e. 3G. Sometimes due to some reasons, the 4G signals becomes weak. This may be due to poor reception from the servers or because of the network congestion.
  • Alternatively, check whether other websites or apps are working or not. Make sure to use the Safari Browser and try to open some websites. You can always navigate to Google to check the connectivity status.
  • The above method is the easiest way to fix errors when YouTube app is not working on iPhone or iPad.

#3. Firmware And Baseband Version:

  • When you go to the settings>general>about section of your iPhone, you can see several details there. Some of the information shows the device model details such as firmware version and baseband version.
  • The firmware of the iOS device must be updated to the latest version. Which will make the internal phone’s modem work flawlessly. This might sometimes be the reason for failure to connect to the internet, and hence you can experience the YouTube app not working on iPhone.
  • It is always good practice to keep the device updated with the latest updates. But sometimes, few new updates comes with unnecessary bugs which can break more things than fixing it.
  • Waiting for few days before installing any updates is a good idea. You can wait and check for new information regarding any issues of the new updates.
  • If the update is not stable, you can save a lot of your time and prevent any headaches you may have encountered due to rushed updates.

#4. YouTube App Not Working Error: Cannot connect to YouTube:

YouTube App not working on iPhone

  • Sometimes, because of the poor data connection speeds or poor performance of iPhone, while the phone is handling too many processes. The YouTube app fails to understand what to do, and because of limited resources, the app won’t play videos.
  • In such cases, you have to make sure that you drop the video quality to the lowest. You can even use the ‘Auto’ feature and let the YouTube app select the video quality that is best for either your iPhone or iPad based on the available resources.

#5. Issues with the YouTube app for iPhone (Clearing YouTube app cache)

YouTube App not working on iOS

  • There are sometimes cases when the YouTube app that you’ve downloaded from the iTunes store may become faulty. This is because of certain app data corruption that might occur because of inappropriate shutting down of the app while in use.
  • In such cases, YouTube app may act in a notorious way and might crash way too often. Sometimes, you might see several instances of frequent freezing events in the app, when the YouTube app becomes unresponsive.
  • You might also not be able to login to your YouTube account while the app is acting is such notorious way.
  • In all the above-mentioned scenarios, make sure to uninstall the app from your iPhone and then flush any data of the app by restarting the iPhone.
  • After the restart, you can download the YouTube app back again from the iTunes store. The app will now work perfectly.

Note: Unlike Android, iPhone apps do not have the functionality of clearing the cache data manually. So all we can do is to uninstall the YouTube app and then perform the fresh re-install of the app to make it up and running.


We’ve covered almost all the solutions to the most common causes for YouTube app not working on iPhone/iPad. There might be several other issues that you may have faced. Maybe you were able to fix them by yourself. But if you are still looking for a solution then let us know in the comments section down below.

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