Youtube Fix | Connection to Server lost. Touch to Retry.

This is one of the YouTube bugs that’s affected to almost every android phone. Connection to server lost. Touch to retry.Well, it affected my phone two days back. And I started searching it over google and found that this was not any recent bug. It’s been for more than 3 to 4 months. Many forums came up with the fix. But, none worked for me. This problem causes only when you’re on WiFi. Some said keep touching the video screen, again and again, remove your google account and add it again, uninstall the YouTube updates and update it again and what not.

Well, on the factory version of the YouTube app videos played without any interruption.(ie. By uninstalling the updates). So, I thought of keep using the factory version. But, automatic updates always updated the app again. I got totally frustrated. And gave a last try and searched about this problem on the YouTube itself.(Of course using PC.) Thinking some intelligent humble guy would have solved it. And Thanks to God! There was a guy with the perfect solution.

The FIX: (That Worked for me)

Follow Below given Steps:

  1. Open the Wifi settings and long tap on the Wifi network you’re currently using.
  2. Select Modify Network Configuration.
  3. There tick the “Show advanced option”.
  4. Under IP settings change from DHCP to Static.
  5. Then scroll down to DNS1 and change the address to and DNS2 to
  6. Tap Save and you’re done!

Understanding the Fix

Actually, the IP address and are of Google’s Public DNS. By default whenever you connect to Wifi your ISP’s selected DNS(Domain Name Systems) server is applied. Well, I’ll explain in short about DNS if the above lines bounced off your head.

Domain Name system or Domain Name server. This is a server where all the domain names are stored in the form of IP address. So, your ISP(Internet service provider) was pinging the default DNS server that “hey man I want to access to play a video”. But, for some reason, the server was not letting your ISP access Or maybe Google had blocked in that server to not let anyone access it and if someone want to access use Google DNS.

By the way, there’s another Public DNS called Open DNS. I applied their IP address and it worked ( DNS1: and DNS2: So, I don’t think so Google DNS is only needed.

Thanks to Ritesh Verma for providing the Fix.

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Above Fix Didn’t work? Try This One.

If the above fix didn’t work try clearing the cache and data of Youtube app and Google play services. Follow below steps:

  1. Disconnect from WiFi/ Mobile Data.
  2. Open Settings > Application Manager > YouTube.
  3. First tap on Force Stop, then clear data and clear cache.
  4. Do the same thing with Google play services. Scroll up and execute the second step again.
  5. After completing restart your device.
  6. Connect again to WiFi / Mobile data.

Fix #2: Wipe Cache Partition

If the above fix didn’t work you should probably now wipe the system cache. System cache is the temporary data that system stores for your application so that they can load faster and in an optimized way. In order to do so, you’ll have to perform wipe cache partition. The setting is available in your phone’s system recovery.

Now, each phone has different methods of getting into Recovery mode. I’ll show here only for Samsung devices. If you’ve got the different device – just Google -“How to get into recovery mode [mobile manufacturer]”.

To get into recovery mode in Samsung devices, first, switch off your phone. Now, press Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button all together and Hold it. After 2-3 seconds booting screen should come up. Now, leave the power button and keep Volume up + Home Button on hold until you get into Recovery mode. That’ll just take 2-3 seconds more.

Now, navigate down to Wipe Cache partition using volume down button. Press power button to select it. In the next screen press OK. You’ve successfully wiped cache partition. Just go back and select Reboot system.


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Still Didn’t Work?

Well, I think your Phone is really tough. This tweak should surely work.

As mentioned down in the comments. If you don’t care the UI and app experience.(Well, everyone does!) Just uninstall the updates of the app.

For that again get into the application manager as shown above. Select YouTube and tap on Uninstall updates. Yes, that gets you back to the stock YouTube app. With no great features. But, this is the last alternative I can show you for the Fix. And, this surely works!

Also, turn off automatic app updates. Because, after five minutes the app will try to update itself to the latest version. Yeah, this is the worst alternative. You’ll have to get back to the stock app and also turn off automatic updates.

But, again it surely fixes the error!

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Also, try these Fixes

Here is some Fix that you should try out if none of the above worked. It’s definitely some WiFi related problem.

Setting WiFi Proxy Settings to Manual

  • Open WiFi and Long tap on the current WiFi network that you are using.
  • Choose Modify Network Config.
  • Check the Advanced Options and see if the Proxy Setting are set to Manual or None.
  • If it’s None changes it to Manual. That’s it.

The AdFix

  • First off Uninstall YouTube App or Uninstall Updates as you did in the second Fix.
  • Reinstall with the latest version from Play Store.
  • Run the App and skip the Intro. Don’t click on Next.
  • Directly click on the  Ad (Ad with Yellow bar on Top). No need to play the whole Ad.
  • After playing Ad go to Subscriptions and play video.

Do inform us down in the comments which fix worked for you. And also, share if some other trick that you might have applied and worked.

  1. So, that should be done every time I change my Wifi network ?
    Youtube didn’t really have a working app on all network ? It seems very weird

    • Some wifi network may be malicious, so, google prefers to serve youtube videos from their own DNS servers.

      Yes, you’ll have to change dns settings for the specific wifi network that you’re connected to. And yes it’s kind of weird. This error has been going on for almost 2 years.

      • I don’t use WiFi much it works on data…I use a android lava iris x8 while playing video it shows server lost….wt to do…pls help…

    • Save a video from YouTube when It come on the homescreen click on it to see the video then search anything u want n it work

  2. Simply clear cache and data of the youtube app. Start it up. It will ask for account to associate just cancel. YouTube will still run and work perfectly

  3. I have tried everything to fix my Youtube app but nothing is working. My app was already in the original boring version because the updated version did the same thing but the stock version was working fine and now for the past 24 hours I have been trying to fix this error. I made sure that my phone wasn’t rooted so I didnt have to clear the ad-blocker. I made sure that the proxy setting under my advanced option was set to none. I changed my DNS 1 and DNS 2 to and and still nothing I even factory reset my phone TWICE!! Nothing is working and I am becoming very frustrated! Please help!!

  4. I have samsung noteII and nooooone worked with me…
    Plz help meeeeeeeeeeeee

    I just check on my iPad 2 , and same problem…
    What’s happening??!


  6. Hi. I have tried this recent fix and i am still getting the same error. I have tried changing to and but it just changes back to the original ISP. Also tried changing from none to manual and it wont let me save it. Any further ideas? Many thanks

  7. Hey Abhishek!
    While wandering through my Google Analytics, I just saw your website link in my traffic sources column.
    Just here to say hi, thanks for including my video in here.
    Keep up with your effors, bookmarked your site.
    Hope to keep myself updated with this site. Thanks!

  8. Hi to all;
    I have been trying to solve this problem since ages. I almost tried all the ways on the net as well as my friends’ suggestions. None worked for me. I was flatly disappointed until a friend of mine told me to install Hot spot shield. It worked. Wanted to share it.

  9. Thank you so much..bro.. Now I fixed my long time problem with you tube connection wen I was using WiFi.. You are really really great..

  10. Previously i had disabled the YouTube app from using my mobile data. I then needed to use the app again and enabling use on mobile data never worked. I could only use the app on wifi.

    I found your post, cleared the cache and data in the app options, then uninstalled updates and reinstalled the app through Play Store and it worked for me (no reboot required).

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

  11. I have a s4 which is completely updated and I’ve tried all of these fixes but haven’t worked. It still says the same thing please help.

  12. If all else fails, and i mean all else, try this. I spent 2 days trying to fix this. I tried everything down to edditing app permisions in developer mode. Nothing worked. Finally i downloaded a free VPN app and sure enough it works albiet a bit slow but i’m fine with that if it means i get to watch youtube. This is weird to me because i changed the DNS servers and re configured my wifi and the VPN is the only thing that worked.

  13. I have a tablet on android I have tried most things I can do like uninstall updates still does not work can anyone help me

  14. Hi,

    This one worked for me!

    Above Fix Didn’t work? Try This One.

    If the above fix didn’t work try clearing the cache and data of Youtube app and Google play services. Follow below steps:

    Disconnect from WiFi/ Mobile Data.
    Open Settings > Application Manager > YouTube.
    First tap on Force Stop, then clear data and clear cache.
    Do the same thing with Google play services. Scroll up and execute the second step again.
    After completing restart your device.
    Connect again to WiFi / Mobile data.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. I have different problem. I saved few videos for offline viewing. But when there is no net connectivity, it doesn’t play, , saying there is no network, Retry. How to get over this. Please help.

    • Abhishek Macwan

      Offline viewing is only available in Asian countries. Well, no internet then, of course, it will say No Network.

  16. somehow it works for me when I set the automatic date & time, thanks to someone who posted in forum youtube….

  17. I did all of the steps above! none of them worked but then….. i noticed my son has changed date and time to 2012… I changed date and time and poof. worked like charm

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